Other Tools from the UCSC Genome Browser

The UCSC Genome Browser team develops and updates the following main tools: the Genome Browser, BLAT, In-Silico PCR, Table Browser, and LiftOver. We maintain the following less-used tools: Gene Sorter, Genome Graphs, and Data Integrator. These are available from the "Tools" dropdown menu at the top of the site.

We also offer command-line utilities for many file conversions and basic bioinformatics functions. You can learn more and download these utilities through the utilities section of our downloads page.

The following tools and utilities created by the UCSC Genome Browser Group are also available for public use:

The following tools and utilities created by outside groups may be helpful when working with our file formats and the genome annotation databases that we provide. References to these tools are provided for the benefit of our users. We are unable to support the use of externally developed tools; if you have questions or problems, please contact the developers of the tool directly.